Could the Great Salt Lake Be the Next Owens Valley?

A new story from KSL 5 TV looks at the massive air quality issues in the Owens Valley of California and how the Wasatch Front could experience similar problems if Bear River Development is constructed.  The Owens Valley experienced some of the worst air pollution recorded in the U.S. after Los Angeles diverted water upstream of Owens Lake in a project comparable to proposed Bear River Development. Dust control measures have cost the L.A. ratepayers over $1 billion, accounting for 15% of the average monthly water bill. Watch the whole storyHERE.

On April 14, 2015 Salt Lake City experienced extremely high levels of PM 2.5 air pollution after experiencing 40 mph sustained winds with 60-70 mph gusts.  The high winds combined with the near record low levels of the Great Salt Lake pushed PM 2.5 levels to what the EPA classifies as “hazardous.”  If Bear River Development is constructed, lowered GSL levels could make these dust storms a more common occurrence, furthering the Wasatch Front’s air quality problems.

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