Are You Harvesting the Rain?


The Utah Rivers Council is excited to officially launch RainHarvest, a rainwater collection program created to engage homeowners and small businesses to use rainwater to reduce Utah’s nation-leading water use (per-person) and improve water quality of local streams, rivers and lakes. Rainwater harvesting is legal in Utah and now is the perfect time to start using this free, legal water at your home. RainHarvest is modeled after the most successful programs in the U.S. which use one of the most user-friendly barrels on the market, the Ivy Rainbarrel.  For a limited time residents can pre-order highly discounted rain barrels at  Barrels are $74 for all residents, with a special price of $40 for Murray residents – while supplies last ($40 barrels for Salt Lake County residents are sold out).

Barrels will be ready for pick up on Saturday, May 9th at Murray Park from 10-2 PM. (If residents cannot make the pick up their order will be refunded in full.)  Volunteers will be on hand to teach residents all they need to know about rainwater harvesting.  3-4 barrels fit in the back seat of an average sedan and 10 barrels can fit in the back of a standard SUV.

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