The massive cost. A group of 20 economists from several Utah universities analyzed the fiscal impacts the Pipeline costs would have on Washington and Kane County residents.

The Pipeline costs are so prohibitive that a 3rd county backed out of receiving Pipeline water because of this concern about increasing water rates.  When Iron County learned of the Pipeline costs they would have to pay, they pressured their elected officials to formally withdraw from the project. Iron County’s withdrawal is a warning to Washington & Kane County residents that they can expect massive increases in water rates, impact fees and property taxes once the smoke and mirrors show put on by Pipeline salesmen is over and the Pipeline is approved.

After the 2015 Economic Analysis was completed, the Washington County Water District claimed they had a financial model to repay the Lake Powell Pipeline repayment debt. But the Washington County Water District and the Division of Water Resources refused to provide the public with a copy of this model. The Utah Rivers Council submitted a GRAMA request to the Water District to obtain a copy, but they refused to share it with the public. Fortunately, after 5 months of appeals, the Utah Records Committee ordered the Water District to send the financial model to us. 

After the economists determined the Water District’s financial model would not repay the billions paid out by Utah taxpayers, the Washington County Water District submitted a letter to Governor Herbert contesting their findings.

Once again, the Utah economists analyzed the claims in the Water District's letter carefully.