Discounted Rain Barrels Available!

The Utah Rivers Council is proud to announce the highly anticipated return of our popular RainHarvest program with Millcreek, Murray and the Salt Lake County Watershed Program.  Millcreek, Murray and Salt Lake County residents can purchase rain barrels for a greatly subsidized price of just $50, while supplies last. Rain barrels are also available for just $75 for residents outside Millcreek, Murray and Salt Lake County boundaries.  Both prices are a significant discount from the barrel’s $129 retail price.  

Urban Utah residents have some of the highest water use (per-person) in the U.S. and rain barrels are one of many tools Utahns can use to reduce our high water use.  About 4,000 barrels have been purchased through the Utah Rivers Council’s RainHarvest program, meaning that 200,000 gallons of water are saved every time it rains enough to fill a 50 gallon barrel.  Capturing rainwater also improves water quality by storing water on site and preventing urban runoff from flowing through streets and gutters and washing pollutants into streams and lakes. Rainwater harvesting is legal in Utah.

After the barrels are purchased online, people can pick them up at a designated date and location where volunteers will be on hand to teach participants about the importance of rainwater harvesting and other water conservation strategies. Start harvesting the rain today!

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