In Your Wallet or Your Hose?

Watch the Video & Sign the Petition to Phase Out Property Taxes That Waste Water & Money

Help us save water, lower your taxes and stop Bear River development by signing the petition below in favor of SB 151 at the Utah Legislature.

SB 151 would reduce the property taxes Utahns pay to Utah water suppliers to lower the price of water thereby encouraging water waste. These property taxes are why Utah is America’s #1 highest municipal water user.

This high water use is why destructive and expensive water projects like Bear River development are being lobbied for at the Utah Legislature. But a handful of so-called fiscal conservative Senators voted to table the bill in the Senate Natural Resources Committee during the 2017 Legislature and refused to allow this bill to be discussed on the Senate floor. Sign the petition and lets save money and save water.

Sign the Petition to Phase Out Property Taxes That Waste Water & Money

Dear Governor Herbert, President Niederhauser and Speaker Hughes:

We the undersigned call upon you to phase out the property taxes we pay to Utah water suppliers to lower the price of water, as per SB 151 in the Utah Legislature. These cheap water rates are why Utah is America’s #1 highest municipal water user. As Utahns, we embrace market economics and the notion that all water users should pay for their use to discourage wasting this precious resource.

We find it repugnant that many government water districts in Utah make more money collecting these property taxes than they do from selling water. We believe it is morally wrong for these same water districts to pay lobbyists with our taxes to keep these taxes in place. We the undersigned call for the property taxes on water to be lowered or removed, which would provide tax relief for millions of Utahns.

We believe Utah’s antiquated water taxes need to be phased out and we are tired of elected officials giving us lip service about wanting to reduce our taxes, while refusing to consider phasing out property taxes for water. If these taxes were removed or reduced, the need for additional government spending for projects like the proposed $2.5 billion Bear River Development Project could be eliminated. We hereby ask that you give this matter a full and substantive hearing at the Utah Legislature.

SB 151 is a win-win, tax relief bill that will benefit thousands of Utah families and businesses. Phasing out these property taxes for water would welcome Utah into the modern age since most urban water suppliers in the American West do not collect property taxes for water. It is simply time to put our money where our mouth is.

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Watch this short video to see why SB 151 is a Win Win idea:

A Quick Look.  SB 151 would:

  • Reduce the property taxes Utah businesses and homeowners pay for water.
  • Reduce the amount of revenue a government water supplier can collect from property taxes to just 15% of their annual revenues. (Currently, many water suppliers receive more money collecting property taxes than by selling water.)
  • Property tax reductions would only apply to 5 urban counties in Utah, allowing rural counties to continue collecting property taxes and not affect agricultural water users.
  • Exempt the Central Utah Project.

If we phased out these water taxes it would be as if someone put $200 on your kitchen table and let you choose between putting it in your wallet, or outside in your garden hose.

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