LA Times Highlights Utah Rivers Council and the Lake Powell Pipeline!

As you probably know, the Utah Rivers Council has led the opposition to the largest new diversion of the remarkable Colorado River – the $3 billion Lake Powell Pipeline. But finally, after 7 years of hard work other communities that depend on the river’s flows are starting to take notice. The Sunday Los Angeles Times featured the Utah Rivers Council in the article, A county in Utah wants to suck 77 million gallons a day out of Lake Powell, threatening the Colorado River, which voices many of our concerns as well as those of our partners in Southwest Utah. Check out the article online today!

The Pipeline would pump 77 million gallons of water per day 2000 feet uphill and across 140 miles of pristine desert lands to southern Utah residents who have the highest per-person municipal water use in the U.S. There is absolutely no need for this costly and destructive diversion of the over-tapped Colorado River!

The $3 billion Pipeline won’t just soak generations of Utah taxpayers in debt; it will impact water users across the entire Colorado River Basin who are working hard to conserve water in the face of past and future shortages. The Pipeline will also mean less water in the Grand Canyon and less water for restoration of the Colorado River Delta, where 1000 species once thrived.

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