Join the Bear River Coalition Today! Watch this short video about what waterfowl hunters can expect if the Bear River Water Grab moves forward.

Who is the Bear River Coalition?

In 1998, the Utah Rivers Council started the Coalition to stop two dams proposed on the Bear River.  Farmers, ranchers, Shoshone Tribe members and recreationists worked together for over three years, and eventually, we protected the Bear River from being dammed and diverted upstream of the Great Salt Lake with new legislation in 2002.

Today, the Bear River and Great Salt Lake are again under siege.  As the Great Salt Lake approaches its lowest level in modern history, new dams and diversions are once again being proposed on the Bear River to provide water for the lawns of the Salt Lake Valley.  It's time to reassemble a new generation of partners to save the wetlands of the Great Salt Lake.  Please join us!

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