Lobbyist's Secret Plan for Bear River Water Grab and Lake Powell Pipeline Exposed!

For the last two years, an Advisory Team heavily dominated by water lobbyists has been writing a new long-term water plan for Utah. The lobbyists running this Advisory Team have worked in backrooms to ensure the plan meets their agenda of spending billions on unnecessary water projects like the Bear River Water Grab and the Lake Powell Pipeline while creating obstacles to conserving water and other less expensive alternatives to these unnecessary projects. These same lobbyists have been busy at the Utah Legislature pushing both the Lake Powell Pipeline and the Bear River Water Grab, against the express wishes of many members of the public. Through their own admittance, the water lobbyists at the September Advisory Team meeting stated they hope this report will be finished for their lobbying activities during the 2017 Legislative Session – although they didn’t want to distribute it to the public or receive public comment on the proposal.


Such subjective planning efforts aim to misinform the public with meaningless green washing while doing little to change the status quo of wasteful water use and unneeded projects in Utah. Instead of identifying meaningful solutions to save water, which are abundant, far less expensive, and do not impact our environment, the lobbyists running the Advisory Team devised misinformation to dissuade readers from these solutions.

At the September meeting, Utah Rivers Council staff stepped up and demanded the public be allowed to comment on the plan. The Utah public now has until 11:59 PM on Monday, October 24th to submit comments. To view the plan and submit comments click here.  To view comments by the URC click the link below:


You can also mail comments to:

Envision Utah

254 S 600 E, Suite 201

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102