Salt Lake Tribune: Lake Powell Pipeline is an Error

On May 9th, the Editorial Board of the Salt Lake Tribune blasted the Lake Powell Pipeline's recent federal license application that the state admits is riddled with errors. We couldn't agree more with the The Salt Lake Tribune that the Lake Powell Pipeline plan isn't just full of errors, it is an error.

What nobody in Utah officialdom has yet been willing to admit — or perhaps even grasp — is the fact that the Lake Powell Pipeline is not just full of mistakes. It is a mistake.

Throughout the thousands of pages the $28 million study on the pipeline, not a single word is written about how the Washington County and Kane County Water Districts plan on paying for the project.

Even after the state fixes the problems in its 6,000-page collection of charts and tables and maps and circles and arrows and paragraphs on the back. Even if it wins FERC approve two years down the road. Even if all the other government agencies involved also give their approval. Nobody has a clue how this humongous sponge will be paid for.

Until that question is answered, all the rest is noise.

Read the whole editorial here.

With the state pushing to move through the federal permitting process and the growing chorus of people calling for the end of this nightmare of a proposal, the time to kill this destructive project is now.  But we need you to continue to stand with us and support our work if we are going to stop this horrible project. Please consider making a donation today.