Urgent: Lake Powell Pipeline Bill Up for Vote This Week!


We need your help to kill a horrible bill that would devastate two of Utah’s most amazing rivers.  SB 80 would move the disastrous Lake Powell Pipeline and Bear River Development forward by permanently dedicating $36 million of sales tax funds every year.

SB 80 would essentially green-light both the Lake Powell Pipeline and Bear River Development by providing a massive revolving blank check. These projects must be stopped to protect the amazing Colorado River, Bear River, and Great Salt Lake ecosystems.

Three Things You Can Do:

  1. Come to the Committee, Senate Natural Resources & Agriculture on Wednesday, Jan 27 at 2:00 pm in Room 415 of the Capitol.
  2. Call or Email Your Legislators and Tell them to Vote No on SB 80
  3. Help Us Get the Word Out! Tell your friends & family, ask that they call their legislators. Write a Letter to the Editor! Share this post!

Utah’s four largest government water suppliers are spending $250,000 dollars of your property taxes and water rate money on an army of lobbyists to push SB 80 through. Your help is critical in stopping this nightmare for Utah’s amazing rivers.