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Show Some Love For Utah’s Rivers!

Come Toast With Us For Land, Air, And Water

Join us tonight to celebrate Utah’s environmental victories and future challenges at Wasatch Brew Pub in Sugarhouse. Today is Love Utah Give Utah and you can celebrate by donating to a group that stands up for Utah’s precious rivers. Donations not required, just stop by and enjoy the free food and good company. If you want to support our hard work, just click the link below.

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Why Give?

A history of winning!

One of URC’s biggest achievements was stopping the $325 million Diamond Fork Dam. The URC lead an effective grassroots campaign to engage citizens and educate legislators about the consequences of damming this wonderful river, ultimately stopping the project. From this victory we have created a formula for success that will aid us in the current battles facing Utah’s life-sustaining rivers. Click this link to learn more.


Making sure millions of migratory birds still have a place to call home.

Our work to stop the Bear River Water Grab will ensure over 250 different bird species still have a home along the shores of the Great Salt Lake, while protecting the beautiful Bear River at the same time! Click this link to learn more.


Leading the charge to save the iconic Colorado River.

The URC is leading the fight to stop the $2.5 billion Lake Powell Pipeline, the largest proposed diversion in the entire Colorado River Basin. Click this link to learn more.

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Engaging the public to advocate for the beautiful rivers of Utah!

Hundreds of committed river lovers joined us at the 2017 Legislature to advocate for responsible water policy. With our knowledge and their help we have been able to push for bills that promote conservation while working to stop proposals that would fund needless diversions of Utah’s Rivers. Click this link to learn more.

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Your continued support allows us to continue our work to build a sustainable water future for generations to come. With your donation we will fight tirelessly to ensure our beautiful rivers and lakes are protected. Please donate by clicking the link below and take heart in knowing we will put your donation to good use!

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