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Save Something for Utah’s Rivers

Rivers Council – 20 years as the Voice for Utah’s Rivers

The Utah Rivers Council is working to protect Utah’s rivers and the ecosystems and communities they support.

Mission Statement

The Utah Rivers Council is a grassroots organization dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of Utah’s rivers and sustainable clean water sources for Utah’s people and wildlife.  Founded in 1995, we work to protect Utah’s rivers and clean water sources for today’s citizens, future generations and healthy, sustainable natural ecosystems.  We implement our mission through grassroots organizing, direct advocacy, research, education, community leadership and litigation.

About Utah Rivers Council

Flowing Rivers For Future Generations

May the rivers of your life flow wild and free into the future.

What We Believe

It is unconscionable that the majority of Utah’s rivers are dried up annually when Utah is the biggest waster of water (per-person) in the entire U.S.  Farms across the state are still flood irrigated, sidewalks are watered, un-lined and unmetered canals spill unknown quantities of precious water on streets and gutters where farms once stood.  Yet Utah is proposing the largest and most destructive water development projects in the nation and jeopardizing the existence of numerous threatened and endangered species as well as the state’s $12 billion recreational economy.  We believe it is time for Utah to embrace real fiscal conservatism around water and stop needlessly spending billions to destroy our last free-flowing rivers and the amazing fish and wildlife populations they support.

Conservation is the heart of conservativism and yet conservative Utah is America’s most wasteful water user.  Utah incentivizes people to waste water by collecting property taxes to lower the price of water below its cost of delivery.  This is not conservative.

This is why Utahns water streets, sidewalks and driveways and water while it’s raining.  This regressive tax policy encourages government institutions to waste water, which is not conservative.

Worse yet, this high water waste is the justification used by government water salesmen to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on unnecessary water projects.  These salesmen ignore inexpensive alternatives to their pet porkbarrel projects using fear and sowing ignorance about our water supply.  They claim that only by indebting ourselves with billions in new spending can we ensure we have enough water for the future.  This is not conservative.

These government water salesmen, called the water cartel by some, ignore the huge amount of water that can be provided through water conservation, by converting surplus, farm water into municipal water, by phasing out property tax subsidies for water and making all water users pay the full cost of their use in their bill.  This is not conservative.

These government water salesmen spend tax money on lobbyists who argue we must divert our last free-flowing rivers down sterile canals.  What benefit is there to building water projects we don’t need?  Is it simply to employ people for stimulus spending for the water development industry?  That’s not conservative.

The Utah Rivers Council believes that embracing the heart of conservatism – conservation – is the key to Utah’s future both for its people and its rivers.