Water Conservation

Utah: America’s Biggest Water Waster

Conserving water is Utah’s future

When we conserve water, we take less from Utah’s amazing rivers and the ecosystems they support.

Leading the nation…in waste

Utah residents use nearly twice the water, per-capita, than the U.S. average—making Utah the biggest water waster in the nation. Astonishingly, a whopping 70% of that water is used for watering lawns each summer.

This sky-high water use is the justification by the water development industry to propose billions in unnecessary water projects that have devastating impacts to Utah’s watersheds and the species that depend on them. Although inexpensive water conservation efforts could easily eliminate the “need” for billion dollar diversions, these moneyed interests use scare tactics to convince the public more spending is needed for water development.

You can make a difference. There are many simple, cost-saving and water-saving measures you can take at your house. And make your opinion heard by contacting your state legislators.

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