Rip Your Strip

Help protect Utah’s rivers by reducing your outdoor water waste

Rip Your Strip for Utah’s Rivers

Our Rip Your Strip Program empowers residents to convert their hard-to-water parking strip into a beautiful—and money saving—drought-tolerant garden.

Ripping your parking strip means beautiful, water-wise landscaping!

By saving water in your yard—where Utahns use 70% of their water annually—you help Utah’s rivers while promoting a culture of conservation in your neighborhood and community.

Parking strips are hard to water, which creates water waste as households and businesses all over Utah water sidewalks, streets and gutters. These parking strips offer a unique opportunity to lower water use and increase home values by using drought-tolerant plants, practical lawn areas, efficient watering systems, mulches, and proper maintenance to obtain impressive water savings. Water-wise landscapes can be lush, colorful and full of interesting smells and textures.

Click here to download our Rip Your Strip informational packet and start saving water outside your home.

And you don’t have to stop there. Once you are familiar with low water-use landscaping and have a successful parking strip project under your belt, you can apply these principles to more of your property.